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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  August 8, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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investments after s & p stripped the u.s. of its triple- a credit rating. the dow lost more than 5% of its value, and closing below 11,000 for the first time since november. the nasdaq and s & p 500 each lost 6%, standard & poor's decision to downgrade the u.s.'s credit rating sent the markets into another tailspin. the credit agency blames washington for not doing enough to cut the nation's debt, and get its finances in order. it also worns, another downgrade could be on the way. president obama blamed the downgrade on political gridlock. saying we can't reduce the debt without raising taxes and cutting medicare. >> our problems are imminently solvable, and we know what we have to do to solve them. >> reporter: the mortgage landers backed most of the
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country's home loans. the downgrade means higher interest rates for businesses and consumers. investors already cancered about the weak u.s. economy and europe's debt problems are now pulling their money out of the stock market. some traders say it may be a needed wakeup call. >> i think this credit rating cut, actually in a perverse way, s & p did this country, and perhaps the world a favor. >> reporter: stocks hit 52 week lows. u.s. markets have lost well over a trillion dollars in value in just the past 11 trading days. wall street hopes tomorrow's federal reserve meeting will give investors a reason to stop the hemorrhaging on wall street. but most believe stocks have further to fall before they hit bottom. thank you. it was just a couple of weeks ago that the dow industrials were flirting with the 13,000 mark. now they've dropped below 11,000 for the first time since
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last november. the downgrade of the u.s. suspect rating leaves the united kingdom, germany, and canada as the largest countries with a triple-a rating. the u.s. joins belgium with a double-a raiding. china, japan, and saudi arabia have double-a minus ratings. if there is a silver lining, it's the price of fuel, crude oil and other commodities fell on worries of lesser demand. that should mean lower gas prices in the coming weeks. jennifer is a finance expert and heads up a financial literacy nonprofit here in the washington area. she joins us to try to make sense of everything that happened today. i know you're catching your breath. >> i think we all are. >> was this a panic reaction to
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the downgrade? >> i think so. i think there was definitely a blood letting on wall street today. basically saying, consumer investor confidence is not there, and everyone is pulling out. especially individual investors. this is what i've been saying time and time again. you can only invest in the stock market if you can afford to. things like this debate are going to impact your 401(k). if you're not diversified heavily, you're going to see this impact your 401(k). >> initially, we were going to talk about what the downgrade means to your money. let's transition a little bit. you said some things that people need to do. you talked about rebalancing your portfolio as one of the things you can do in this climate, correct? >> exactly. if you cannot afford to be in the stock market, get out of it. mutual funds, make sure you
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diversify. also your fdic investments are always a safe bet. right now, you need to have a financial backup plan. i would state that you keep your cash, where you can get to it. you need it right now. >> one of the other things that could be impacted, consumer loans from your mortgage, to your car loan. to your credit cards. let's talk about what people need to do in those instances. if you have a house, obviously, you want to have a fixed rate mortgage. >> if you're think being buying a home, i would not adjust to get into an adjustable rate mortgage. i would say, do you really need to buy a home now? we're going to see some kind of backlash because of this. >> you asked the same thing, do you really need a car loan? >> you don't need anything the
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interest rate could fluctuate. >> for the small amount of people that have privately held student loans, their rates could soar. >> just like a credit card. i always try to be a proponent of work study, rather than student loans. don't inundate yourself with high student loans and definitely not private loans. >> thank you so much for coming in and talking to us. >> thank you for having me. tourists arrived outside of the post office to find a body. police are investigating this as a homicide. >> reporter: for now, she's just jane doe, a black female. >> i wasn't expecting that after being off for four days. this definitely was an unpleasant surprise. >> reporter: she was found this
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morning off the steps of the old post building, across the street from the internal revenue service. a few feet from a kiosk. >> we come down here for a segway tour and find this police scene and a body. and it shook us up a bit. >> reporter: the exact cause of her slaying has not been determined. but there is evidence she had been assaulted. we're told there are cameras all over this place, and it's just possible that whatever happened to this woman was captured on videotape. >> if you had a chance to see her, you might know her. >> definitely. probably see her all the time, maybe have conversations with her and everything. >> reporter: the homeless are considered part of the landscape around the old post
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office, which was built in 1899. they often go unnoticed throughout downtown washington, until something like this happens. tonight, homicide detectives are interviewing people from the community, to first identify jane doe, and then maybe her killer. >> a source refuses to say what is on that tape. the pentagon announced today there will be no media coverage of the return of the 30 special forces troops killed saturday in the rocket grenade attack in afghanistan. >> a defense spokeswoman says the crash was so catastrophic, they have yet to be able to positively identify the seals that died. some of those names are already starting to trickle out. >> yeah, the pentagon has yet to a' lease a list -- release a list of the casualties here, but we know at least the names
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of six of them. peter hamburger who planned to propose to his girlfriend. michael strange who tried to make everyone smile. and aaron vaughn, who was married to a redskins cheerleader. >> i want to tell the world that he was an amazing man, that he was a wonderful husband and a fabulous father to two wonderful children. he was a warrior for christ, and he was a warrior for our country. he wouldn't want to leave this earth any other way than how he did. >> kimberly vaughn grieves for her husband and all of his buddies. the seals had rushed in to help rangers facing nighttime fire. an insurgent hit their chinook from an rpg from 150 yards. american forces are recovering debris and remains. across america, family and
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friends are struggling with the loss. >> the commitment that they put into this country while we're out doing the simplist things in life, they're doing incredible tasks that many of us may not care to know about, but they're doing it. >> reporter: the men were united in a love of family and country. in philadelphia, michael strange loved to make everyone laugh. he was supposed to be home for thanksgiving. >> he loves all of you guys, all of his friends, all the kids that were here yesterday. >> reporter: the u.s. will press ahead and succeed in afghanistan, despite this deadliest attack in the decade long war. but it is likely the burden will fall even more heavily on the special forces. this is a reminder of adjustment how risky those kind of special forces raids can be. certainly, bruce, what a loss. thank you. as you can feel outside, that heat and humidity, it is making a comeback. >> topper, what about the storms? >> the storms are actually
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north of us. we're going to watch them. right now, you can walk the dog, no problems. we'll start with the radar. most of the storms are now north of the border up in state college and altoona. we're going to keep the chance of thunderstorms in all night. but i think the next few hours, we're going to be fine. temperatures, it's hot. 93. not quite as humid as it was yesterday. 93 in manassas. isolated thunderstorm possible. it's going to be warm. low temperatures between 70 and 75 with light winds. we'll come back, and talk more about a break from the heat, and finally a break from the heat and humidity. we'll tell you when that's going to arrive. still ahead, hov sign confusion. one driver has a warning for others, after he says a malfunctioning sign got him ticketed.
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the lights are back on in vienna, virginia tonight, but it was a long, hot night for people living along cottage street. evening storms caused a tree to fall on top of power lines. the road was completely blocked
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and about a 550 dominion power customers lost power. a bizarre construction mishap. claireton boulevard has been closed since last night, when a retaining wall suddenly collapsed. eddie hunt has been working the story all day, and joining us live with an update. >> reporter: we're told that the roads here will be reopen by 5:00 tomorrow morning. that's the hope. that's the plan. and you can see behind me, there are a lot of dirt has been trussed in just this afternoon, and they're using this dirt to basically make this area a little more stable while investigators try to figure out what happened. >> we do a lot of work in this city, and this is the first time i've ever experienced one of these. >> reporter: investigating how part of a heating and shoring system, gave way. it happened sunday night, and
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has engineers looking for answers. >> the crane is stable right now. the issue is whether the shoring behind the crane is stable. we're trying to take some of the pressure off it. >> reporter: fortunately, no injuries or damages were reported. but residents of an adjacent apartment building were evacuated to a nearby hotel. engineers say one of the causes for the failed retaining wall could be from the weekend storms, where the water loosened, and weakened the soil. there may also be drainage from the evacuated apartment, that night have not been taken into account, during construction preplanning. >> we're trying to make it very safe. it's a work in process, we're going to be working through the night for the next 24, 48 hours to make sure the building is safe, and the shoring is safe.
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>> reporter: again, we're told that claritin boulevard should be reopened by 5:00 tomorrow morning. as far as the residents evacuated, they're told it may be three days before they can go back home, possibly longer. they want to make sure it is safe enough for them to go back home. live in rossland, annie hong. a crash happened around 2:15 this morning in the northbound lanes. a tractor trailer rear ended a d.o.t. truck. >> the cab was breathily burned. was it a cab? i guess it melted. >> sky 9 showing the wreckage, and burnt tractor trailer. the driver of the tractor trailer hauling produce rammed into the back of a v dot truck
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in a work zone. it burst into flames. it was a near miss for a v d.o.t. contract worker who got out of the way. a tough morning commute, drivers are forced off of northbound 95. you see the flashing lights and the trooper blocking the entrance ramp onto northbound 95, and you see the secondary roads are jam packed. traffic on 95, stacked up for miles. >> pretty frustrating? >> i sit fear for a while until i cool off. >> reporter: james campbell needed to pull off the road. >> overheated, been sitting in traffic. >> you've been sitting in traffic for how long? >> almost two or three hours. >> everybody has to use the bathroom. >> reporter: after hours of cleanup, and getting hot spots that kept flairing up, the tractor trailer is hauled away in two separate pieces. >> truthfully, i've never seen a wreck that bad, where they
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had to put it on a flat bed. usually they can tow it away. but it must have been pretty bad. virginia state police have not released the identity of the tractor trailer driver. another accident near the scene of that deadly truck crash was caught on tape as it happened. watch as the white car collides with another vehicle in the southbound lanes and veers off there. the two lanes crossed several lanes of traffic, ending up in a guardrail. we have a commuter alert for drivers in laurton. three lanes will be closed between exits 163 and 161 from 9:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. this is expected to last about three weeks. let's check on how the roads are looking right now. rick young has your time saver traffic. >> we've got a yellow light, it's moderate traffic right now, but we do have some
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trouble spots. we started in arlington county right now. eastbound lane of claireton boulevard, closed. the reason, ongoing cleanup of that construction site collapse. important news right now, you can use route 29, lee highway. we'll switch you over to an intent on the outer loop, approaching the right lane. delays are wack to route 7 on the outer loop. let's stay in virginia. 95 southbound, as usual very slow from dale city to quantico. as you can see, southbound traffic still moving very slow. also, in virginia 359 southbound very slow down to the beltway. as we take a look, approaching
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duke street. that's time saver traffic. okay, yesterday at the pool, so uncomfortable, even in the pool. come on. it was just so sticky. >> ask me how humid was it yesterday? >> how humid was it? >> my wife eats outside every night, and just said she could not. we've tortured guests before. well over 100 degrees, and we're outside. in the sun too. we're looking at a little bit less humid conditions right now, still hot. a small break on the humidity. temperatures, 93 right now downtown. in fact, temperatures are still on the hot side. we're looking at temperatures in the low 90s, pretty much everywhere, in fact, you go down into fredericksburg, it's 95. even out to cumberland, it's 88. 90 in andrews. running around 93 in culpepper. satellite picture, radar combined. a few thunderstorms to the north of us. a better chance of storms
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tomorrow, and tomorrow night. we'll zoom down into dallas. these poor folks in dallas. record heat. they've had 38 consecutive days 100 degrees or higher. their all-time record is 42 consecutive days. they've broken the record, the first five days in august, they've broken record highs. for us, we're looking at humid conditions through tomorrow. warm and muggy tonight. shower possible tomorrow morning. some of you may have wet roads tomorrow morning for your commute. some of those could be heavy. a few of those could be severe. for tonight, isolated thunderstorm possible. generally late. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. warm, low temperatures between 70 and 75 with light winds. downtown, really no break. still mid-70s. 75 in arlington. 75 downtown. 71 in buoy. down to the south, 75 in
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waldorf. low 70s in reston, and fairfax. 70 tonight in manassas. tomorrow morning, partly sunny and warm. a slight chance of a shower or thunderstorm. temperatures in the 70s and 80s, light winds. air quality code yellow. that's moderate quality, which is a victory in summer. winds will turn late tomorrow, out of the northwest at about 10. now, we're going to have some clouds tomorrow, even be hotter than this. i think we'll keep d.c. around 90. maybe 89 in gaithersburg. break down tomorrow for you. 70s to start, kind of humid. 84 to 88 by noon. there will be a few storms around, and a much better chance of storms by 5:00, 87 to 91. now the next three days, again, it's going to be hot on wednesday, but less humid, so we get a break on the humidity
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on wednesday 90. thursday, great, get a break on both the heat and the humiliate. next seven days. thursday and friday fantastic. mid-60s for lows. in the burbs, you're going to fall in the 50s. a better chance of storms on sunday. upper 80s. nice again on monday. putting things in perspective 38 consecutive days in dallas, 100 or higher. we're good. three days of violence in the british capitol continues to escalate.
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215 people are now under arrest after another day of riots and looting in london. this started with a police shooting. 35 officers have been injured other the three days. police and politicians say the unrest is the work of a
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criminal minority, and not a sign of social tensions, where security lapses ahead of the 2012 olympic games. a major hospital in tacoma park could be on the move. today, it asks state regulators for permission to move to a new site near white oak. they say better services could be provided to more patients. some area hospitals are opposing this, saying it will stunt their growth. a strike by 45,000 verizon communications workers now in its second day. so far, little progress in the talks. the strike could disrupt phone and web service installations. among the key interest here, verizon's demand that workers contribute more for their health insurance, including paying monthly premiums for the first time. workers say they just can't afford it. should college students have the right to carry
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concealed weapons on campus? that was the center of discussion today at the convention of students for concealed carry on campus: it was founded after the virginia tech murder massacres. >> most states have conceal carry laws, but a lot of the states don't allow you to carry the firearm on a college campus. a lot of students over 21, wish they had a firearm on campus to protect themselves. >> coming up next, new at 5:30. >> is it fair to get an hov ticket when one sign looks like that, and the other looks like this? the story when can he we come back.
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only on 9 tonight, a man wants to spread the word to others so they don't find themselves with the same problem. >> virginia police issued the most tickets in northern virginia. aaron mckaren is at the intersection of scott run and
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leroy high with an example. >> reporter: take a look at this overhead sign, it is clearly not lighting up like it's supposed to do. and the secondary sign is faded, and the paint is peeling. is it fair under these circumstances to get an hov ticket? >> i'm very frustrated with the system that doesn't allow somebody who is trying to do the right thing to be in compliance. >> reporter: when rob stern drove onto 66. he didn't see any hov lanes. >> it would be difficult for an average reasonable person to enter, knowing the times. >> reporter: he thought hov restrictions started at 4:30 p.m. they started at 4:00. >> so when i entered at 3:55. i figured i would have exited at 4:15, 4:20. when i exited at 4:25 and
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received a citation. i was quite surprised. >> reporter: rob was slapwide a $125 ticket, plus a processing fee. he appealed his case and loss. the junk said there were adequate signs in the area. >> i'd like to see an administrative review of those who have appealed their cases based on the signage issue. >> reporter: rob drove around northern virginia and documented the other malfunctions, or obscured signs. some of them have recently been fixed. she said while she sympathizes with rob, unless he's new to the area, he should have known about the restrictions. and if anyone spots a sign not working, or is obstructed, v dot would like to hear about it. 9 news now. >> to contact v dot, the number to call, 8- hundred-4-road.
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a young volunteer firefighter died while trying to save a drowning man. chris staley jumped off a pier near mechanicsville to save another man who was struggling in the water. the entire town is grieving. >> this is really a hard loss for all of us. >> reporter: the cob island fire truck is draped in black. the department's most active young volunteer. >> the older members here, have known chris since he was a babe yvment he made his life here. >> reporter: for a report of a double drowning on the other side of the river. word it was staley, came while they were racing over. he jumped from a pier to save another man who was drowning. >> the other gentleman jumped
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off the pier and got into some sort of trouble and was hollering for help. chris responded and was able to bring him to the surface one time. during the struggle, they both went down and never came back up. >> reporter: the department considers is a death in the line of duty. but everyone is shocked. >> just five months ago, his brother got killed. >> reporter: the drowning comes only five mobilities after his older brother was killed on the job, cutting trees. both were landscape workers. >> i can't believe to lose two boys like this. two great guys. >> reporter: here is by far the largest, most active, and most important organization in town. they will lead this entire community in mourning. in cob island, 9 news now. >> the other man who died was 24-year-old christopher lee kelly of hughesville. witnesses say thunderstorms were approaching and the water
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was very rough when the drownings occurred. prince william county police have opened a criminal investigation after an officer used a taser twice to subdue a man. the 29-year-old man died later. it happened saturday afternoon on hyram court. police say rescue workers had called them after the patient they were treating became violent. >> they got there, they ended up being assaulted by their patient. they called for police to come help them. police officers responded. and throughout the length of the incident, ended up applying a taser twice to the suspect to the patient. and at some point, he passed away. >> officers say wilkerson had told them he had been using heroin and pcp. an autopsy is now being done. there's been another
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shooting near a prince george's county nightclub. two people were wounded near the msg night spot in capitol heights. police say a woman was taken to the hospital in serious condition. a man suffered nonlife- threatening wounds. prince george's county lawmakers recently adopted stricter regulations to try to cut down on violence around nightclubs and dance halls. alexandria is rolling out new buses. the city launched the new dash mark this morning. those buses are expected to operate every ten minutes between the mark center and king street metro station during rush hour. up next, a close call for a daredevil, and his high wire act. how this daring feat nearly took a draggic turn. coming up new at 6:00, a veteran out of a job out of a home, but needed surgery. but help is on the way. we're going to tell you what several groups are doing. don't forget, we're always on
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at stay with us. we're going to be right back.
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caught on tape, heart stopping moments in china, more
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than 320 feet in the air, a tight robe artist was trying to walk when he suddenly lost his footing. he managed to pull himself back up on the steel wire. he had no safety net, but there was a harness attaching him to the wire. a 61-year-old woman is trying to be the first person to swim from cuba to florida without the help of a shark cage. she left havana at dusk bound for key west. she expects the 103-mile swim to take her at least 60 hours. she tapetted the same swim back in 1978, but her team pulled her out after 48 hours because of high waves and strong currents that pushed her too far off course. let hope we aren't too far off coast. >> wow, she's 60 some?
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wow. role model. rick young has our time saving traffic. >> we're running accident free at this hour. we've got the green light. also, the accident approaching i-66 has been cleared up. let's move over to virginia. problems persist still in arlington county. the eastbound lanes of claritin boulevard closed because of that accident. i-270 northbound seeing delays. heading up to frederick we have a report often accident on the montgomery ridge area. in maryland quite slow across the american legion bridge.
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a commuter alert for drivers on route 29 in maryland. a major repaving project getting underway between bridge cheney and cherry hill road. lane closures will take place overnight on the southbound side for the next three weeks. paving on the northbound side is expected to start next month. commuters in germantown should find smoother sailing. cutting the ribbon on a 1.2- mile extension from wisteria drive to route 118. it's going to help connect local neighborhoods to the germantown town center and the i-270 corridor. a busy area. it's been less than a year after reconstructive arm surgery, and washington nationals pitcher, stephen strasburg is back on the mound. we're going to take you to harrisburg, for his long awaited return. still hot today, a little better in terms of humidity. pollen reading? we've got a break on some
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areas. the grass and weeds are low. but the molds are in the high range. we're going to talk about the prospect of big storms tomorrow. at edison high school in alexandria, it is the first day of two a days. this is the start of the first football season in which there's a new state law in effect, designed to raise the awareness of student athletes and concussions.
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this is the first day of football practice, would you believe it? for most schools, also the start of the school year, where there is a concussion law in effect to protect kids. >> senate bill 252. virginia's student athlete protection act. what it does, it requires all student athletes and their parents to take an online concussion course. it applies to students of all
5:47 pm
sports, but especially football. >> i got tackled, and it was a helmet to helmet contact hit. >> it was just a big boom at first. they started asking me questions, i couldn't remember where i was, my name, what happened, anything. >> reporter: both juniors at thomas edison high school arm both were sidelined almost all of last year by a concussion. >> last year was probably our most severe year here. >> reporter: head coach anthony marker is now required by state law to ensure that all of his players are concussion conscious. before the season opener, these players and their parents must take a 25 minute online concussion course with the national federation of state high school associations. it's main goal is to help spot the warning signs of a concussion. >> we have mixed feelings. obviously, we want the kids to be safe. we just don't want every sign, that's probably not a
5:48 pm
concussion to seem like a concussion, and every kid gets rushed to the hospital when they don't need to be. >> us and our parents more, how to be more aware. >> reporter: his father is also a football coach, and yet, he still says his son's concussion was a wakeup call. >> anything they can do to raise the awareness of the concussion is good. you can never have too much information. >> i still love the game of football, but i will be more careful this time. >> reporter: another change under the new law, any player even remotely considered to have a concussion is removed from the field of play. and they can't go back until any received a doctor's note. >> it's so important, too. they know these repeat concussions, that's where you have the brain injuries. how does virginia's law stack up with other states? >> reporter: virginia is one of
5:49 pm
29 states that currently has some kind of concussion law. virginia is actually, right in the middle on this one. they're passing laws, just past this law as many other states continue to follow suit. >> hopefully, it will be a safer season. thanks a lot, kristin. let's send it off to you guys. >> we're out here on the terrace. you might step out here and think, it's thick, but topper says it's not the humidity. it's really just the heat. >> 94, 95, no matter where you are. humidity, a very respectable 38 for us. it's going to get better. 93 downtown. still 95 in fredericksburg. head down south, 95 all the way down past woodbridge. 93 in culpepper. so temperatures aren't a bargain just yet, but they're not record setting, and not that far above average which is a good thing. the good thing also is
5:50 pm
averaging are beginning to fall in the early part of august. statistically, we're through the highest part of summer. we find showers and thunderstorms in portions of pennsylvania. just south of williams port. these are going to sink southward overnight. we're going to keep the chance of a shower or thunderstorm in overnight. i think if you want to go to wolf trap and see inxs, you'll be fine out on the lawn. an isolated thunderstorm tonight. shower possible tomorrow morning, so you may have wet roads tomorrow morning and a good chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon. some of those could be hefty. tonight, isolated thunderstorm possible. otherwise, partly cloudy to mostly cloudy, and just warm. lows between 70 and 75, with light winds. so downtown, we're still kind of talking about mid-70s. 72 in rockville. 71 in buoy. now tuesday morning, partly sunny and warm. got to keep the chance of a shower or thunderstorm in. 70s and 80s, a much better
5:51 pm
chance of showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. again, some of those could be hefty. some of those could be severe. highs around 90. highs generally, 90, 91 in springfield. 90 downtown. and maybe 89 in gaithersburg. next seven days. it stays hot on wednesday. just an isolated scattered thunderstorm, but the good news is, it's less humid. on thursday and friday, we get a break from the humidity and the heat. we haven't had that in a few weeks. mid-80s for highs. lows in the 60s, those are downtown temperatures. we get into saturday, sunday, showers and thunderstorms come back, a little bit of heat, upper 80s, to near 90. nice next monday. >> sounds good. stephen strasburg, the nationals phenom, he is back. >> that's right, strasburg pitched in his first competitive game in almost a year yesterday. >> reporter: doctors like to point out that some guys who go through tommy john surgery come out even stronger than they
5:52 pm
were before. of course, the doctors tend not to dwell object the fact that some patients never fully regain their arm strength and their pitching careers fade. all of washington is dying to know which side stephen strasburg falls in. >> this is big. >> reporter: rock star pitcher strolls through small town, and no one missed him. camera lenses operated on super speed. even the national media wanted a glimpse of 37. >> they've been lining the fences for three hours, just hoping to get a glimpse of strasburg right out there. >> it's about time. i'm really surprised that he's back this soon. >> reporter: 11 months removed from tommy john surgery. yep, he was nervous. >> as far as the jitters the
5:53 pm
adrenalin, it was definitely kicking in. >> reporter: he handled himself well. got touched up for a home run. but he dared nats backers to start dreaming again. >> he's coming all the way back. he's a phenom. he's the hope of the franchise. >> i think i'm right where i want to be physically. that's a goal i've made for myself, coming right out of surgery, that i wanted to come back, and you know, get the experience pitching in september. >> reporter: that long term goal is just what the curly w nation wanted to hear. what about the short term? >> i know that i'm pitching in five days. i don't know where yet. but whatever it is, i'm looking forward to it. >> reporter: so are they, steven, so are they. dave owens, 9 news now. >> he is slated to make his next rehappen start this coming friday. it could be in hagerstown, or the nats could move him up. either way, the kid looked pretty good, guys.
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>> can't wait to get him back on this side, for sure. up next, could sack lunches put your child's health at risk? you may be surprised what a study found lurking inside lunch bags. he's a navy seal that married a redskins cheerleader, now she's widowed. remembering aaron vaughn.
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health alert for heavy smokers tonight. people who have their first cigarette shortly after waking up are in greater danger for lung cancer. early morning smokers tend to be more addicted and inhale thens more deeply. it is back to school time. there is a new warning from america's pediatricians about the germs that could be lurking in a child's lunch. >> reporter: many parents pack their kids lunches to stay healthy. but a new study out in
5:58 pm
pediatrics today found parents may be unwittingly packing a breeding ground for bacteria. researchers examined the lunches of 700 preschoolers and found nearly 98% at unsafe temperatures, even with ice packs. >> i'm shocked. >> reporter: doctors say it's of particular concern for younger children. >> kids under 4 are more likely to get serious illnesses from food poisoning. >> reporter: most kids don't get sick from packed lunches but say it's about reducing the risk. >> make sure you used ice packs and insulated bags as much as possible. in particular i'm talking about meats and dairies. >> reporter: be sure the lunches get into a refrigerator if possible. use fruits with peels, and
5:59 pm
foods not so energy dependent, like peanut better. experts recommend you nerve leave food out of refrigeratation for more than two ours. but in many schools, there isn't fridge space for all of those lunches. thanks for joining us for now 9 news now at 5:00. 9 news now at 6:00 starts right now. ♪ [ music ] on friday, we learned that the united states received a downgrade by one of the credit rating agencies. not so much because they doubt our ability to pay our debt, they doubted our political system's ability to act. >> the president addresses s & p's downgrade of the u.s. debt today as stock prices plummeted on wall street. the worst one day loss since december of 2008. and it's well below the 11,000


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